Your Brain and Coaching

Your Brain Needs Coaching

The human brain is built to detect change and it sends out signals to alertus to anything that is out of the ordinary. Even trying to change a routine behavior sends out a strong message that something is not quite right.  These messages distract our attention and overpower our rational thoughts.

The brain functions as a complex system that automatically pushes back against any force trying to change it.

This complex system is most commonly referred to as our “survival system”. It is the epicenter of our “fight or flight” response. For the most part, this system operates behind the scenes, outside the realm of our conscious thoughts.

Its purpose is to move things to the background and make things “automatic”.

Many scientists believe that we use 12% of our mind, consciously. That means most of what we think is happening behind the scenes. Much of what we do in our lives on a daily basis is “hardwired” in our brain. Many of our beliefs and behaviors were created out of an experience we had so long ago, and are tucked way back in the unlit corners of our mind. All change, especially habits and behaviors that we do without thinking, takes a lot more energy (i.e. attention) than many people are willing to expend. So we do what we can to avoid bringing new light (awareness) to old behavioral patterns.

Imagine what it would be like to have greater awareness of your mind?

There is much about brain science that validates the powerful impact life coaching has in the lives of individuals. While there are many interesting and useful findings across neuroscience, there are four main areas of scientific research that combine to form a central explanation of how coaching helps the brain improve it’s functioning: Attention, Reflection, Insight and Action (ARIA).

The science of attention and how it changes the brain provides strong evidence for how self- directed, solutions-focused coaching works.

Where we choose to put our attention changes our brain and changes how we see and interact with the world. A core function of coaching is to remind individuals of things they can easily forget about, like how well they are doing or what they are learning. By providing this type of support, coaches are able to help clients create new connections, new circuitry to replace the unproductive or unwanted patterns and behaviors.

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