Peggy S. Stefan, CLC

Peggy S. Stefan, CLC



Imagine the possibilities!  How would your personal and/or professional life differ if you tapped into your full potential?  My goal as a life coach is to stand alongside you as you alter your approach to fulfill your dreams. If you want to clarify your goals, overcome your fears and leap over your stumbling blocks, I am here to shine the light on your possibilities and cheer you on as you realize your best self.  I’ve been there – in corporate America, as a stay-at-home Mom, and a volunteer extraordinaire.  I’ve loved my children through their challenges and their triumphs; put others before myself; and “found” myself again (even gained and lost the equivalent of an entire person along the way …) If you believe you can benefit from having a “force of nature” by your side as you make your way through the next steps in life, then I’m your gal.

What my clients say about working with me:

“I worked with Peggy in 2014 to re-focus on my business strategy. Within three hours I went from feeling like I was marketing in eight different directions to realizing that I had a unique niche within which I could (and should) focus. A tremendous weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I realized I could approach my practice using my personal strengths, with a laser-like focus on one particular center of influence. I’ve been operating much more efficiently ever since. It was tremendously helpful, she is great at what she does. Thanks so much Peggy!”

Phillip J Ruce, J.D, L.L.M.

“Recently I was lucky enough to hear a very short presentation by Peggy. It was really thought provoking. First, she’s so comfortable speaking that she makes the experience very engaging. She knows her stuff. Is so funny and passionate and matter-of-fact that it’s very entertaining as well as enlightening. The presentation was to the point and left me realizing that I need to look at myself differently and look at who I partner with from a different angle. A whole new, and logical way of looking at things. I want to hear more.”

Zoe Liston, Residential Appraiser

“Peggy gave an amazing presentation today on finding out your strengths. It really showed me that if you have a team that has a goal of any sort, her coaching for your team to help identify the strengths of each member to make it the strongest force possible. I would highly recommend Peggy for any sort of coaching situation. She is knowledgeable, smart, and personable and would help any individual or organization in need of helping them grow. Thanks Peggy!”

Kathy Rauth, Realtor

“Peggy definitely helped me focus in on my career direction, organization and prioritizing.  Her style is relaxed yet professional.  I felt comfortable discussing business and life experiences that I have not shared with others.”

Business Owner

“Wow. You are amazing-seriously… Every person my age should have someone do this for them. Thank you again for EVERYTHING…you truly have been such a blessing.”


“I recommend working with Peggy.  I had a desire for a new direction in my life but didn’t really know which way to turn.  I have been in that situation before and just ignored the need for change.  That causes a person to feel stuck.  Coaching helps you to dig a little deeper in order to find the clarity and courage to make changes. Peggy is very effective in helping you connect the dots!


“I was so tired of feeling like I was doing everything to please my parents, my teachers, everyone else but ME!  Peggy helped me to identify what I really wanted in the next step of my life – what kind of college would be best for me before my parents spent a lot of money on what would have been a mistake. She treated me like an adult, and never told me what to do.  She helped me come to my own conclusions.”

High-School Senior

Peggy helped me complete some overwhelming tasks by breaking them down. (Our work) gave me more of a focus and broke down tasks that at one point seemed very overwhelming.”

Young Mother