Brenda H. Lockwood, MA ,CLC

Brenda H. Lockwood, MA ,CLC


As a life coach, I help people strive toward their greatest potential  and gain confidence to grasp the opportunities that lie before them.  By tapping into their unique strengths and talents, I help people discover what’s possible.

When you know more about yourself, you’re more likely to be able to offer the best of yourself on a regular basis. Life coaching is about finding your focus and deeping your awareness so you can stand in the power of choice.

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What clients have said: 

-“I have worked with Brenda several times and each time she challenges me with new insights and ways of thinking. Brenda’s education and experience in psychology and counseling makes her unique. She can draw on a solid foundation and then creatively work with clients to identify critical limiting beliefs that are hidden from the client. I’m still incorporating the guidance Brenda has given me into my life and plan to work with Brenda as I mature from a personal and professional perspective”. 

Jason (MBA)

“Brenda has a great grasp on what it takes to guide people to looking beyond their comfort zone to what other possibilities are available. I would highly recommend working with her.”

Kathy (Executive Director for a Non-Profit Organization)

-“Brenda’s engaging and personal approach to coaching enable a fast and meaningful connection. She listens well and probes on the right points to facilitate her clients’ self discovery, leading to break-though ideas that the client feels personal ownership for. A true delight to work with!”

Jen (HR Executive)

-“I loved how open Brenda was, her smile and welcoming personality really made it easy to open up to her and tell her stories. The open honesty, the gentle pushing to answer questions about myself that I already knew, but didn’t want to face”. 

Erica (Human Resources Professional)

-“Brenda was very supportive and helped me to dig a little beyond what my current goals are, to the stuff that was a little more buried. We clarified what I really wanted, and that was helpful. Brenda was a person that I could sound out ideas to that might seem a little erratic or nutty…”   

Anne (Independent Artist)